Cover art, release date, and pre-order for Like it or Not!

Tons of good stuff all at once! The cover art for Like it or Not has been released. This is the anthology that will include my story, Blindside. The book and e-book will be available on May 11th, but you can pre-order now and save 20% – what a deal!

Like it or Not

Publisher’s blurb; In Blindside, freshman Matt is tired of enduring the hazing by (admittedly gorgeous) upperclassman Dylan, when Dylan ups the ante significantly. And as much as Matt wants Dylan, he can’t be sure the whole thing isn’t one more bizarre prank.

Happy Valentine’s Day – Here’s Some Porn!

Happy V-Day everyone!

I saw lots of people talking about posting stories for Valentine’s day, but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to write something new.

Instead, I decided to experiment with my first podcast. It’s good to try new things, right? Because this is an experiment, I kept it short and podcasted my 500 word story Cherry Red.

If this is well received, I’ll be sure to offer future freebies in both text and audio formats.

Download Cherry Red (right click and ‘save as’)


PS. It may amuse you to know that I once dated a fellow who had ‘Enjoy’ tattooed on his lower abdomen. In my defense, what 16-year-old doesn’t want to bring home a guy with prison tattoos?