PCA conference and Boston visit

I ended up, rather unexpectedly, at the Popular Culture Association’s national conference last weekend. I was going to see a friend who was presenting a paper, so I bought a ticket without looking into it much.

Boy, was I stunned! I only attended panels two days of the conference but what I saw was amazing. Right up my alley and intellectually stimulating in a way I haven’t experienced since college (10 years ago!)

I got into interesting conversations about gender and sexuality with like minded folks and am half convinced to present my own paper at their conference next year. At the very least I want to attend if at all possible.

One highlight was stumbling upon a panel on kink and BDSM in fiction by Cecilia Tan and Sarah Frantz. I’ve admired them both from afar (online) for ages, so seeing them present was a total fangirl moment for me.

Boston itself was lovely too. I’d never been before and just being in a new place was inspiring and wonderful. I jotted down a lot of story ideas while walking around the city.

That’s all for now!