A couple good reviews

It’s been an incredibly interesting experience watching reviews come in for my first published works. Kinda like waiting for your kid’s first report card (I suppose – not actually having children myself.) I wanted to share a couple of recent reviews that made me smile.

First, for Blindside from the Like it or Not anthology;
“This was my favourite story in the anthology, perhaps because as well as the dub-con, it was a true romance with a lovely ending which made me go awwwww. The story follows Matt who is in his first year of College and plays rugby. When Matt attends an appointment for a check-up at the College health centre, he finds it’s all part of a hazing involving a fellow team-mate, Upperclassman Dylan. Matt endures his treatment the best he can especially as he’s struggling with a huge crush on Dylan. I really liked the character of Matt and felt that his struggles to conceal his homosexuality were shown realistically. The dubious consent is actually pretty tame, with most of the story showing Matt’s confusion over Dylan’s actions and trying to find some meaning in them. Again the closed third person narrative meant that we are kept guessing along with Matt, and so Dylan is a bit of an unknown quantity but we are given enough in his actions and occasional glimpses behind the hard facade to be prepared for the happy ending.” Excerpted from the review on Well Read.

Second, a brief review of my story, Fanboys, from The Boys Club;
“Shane and Danny are two star-struck fans of actor Eric Ashcroft. They contrive to meet their idol, who is filming nearby, and get much more than they bargained for when the star invites the young men back to his trailer. A rather sweet little crush fantasy.” Excerpted from Michael Joseph‘s review.

Have you read these stories yet? I’d love to know what you think! Better yet, add a review to Goodreads or Amazon!

The Big Book of Bondage

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I will have a story in Cleis’ upcoming Big Book of Bondage, edited by Alison Tyler. I’m a big fan of hers, so to be in a collection that she’s editing is very exciting. I’m also honored to be sharing the pages of this book with so many of my favorite authors. It’s an impressive list and I’m honered to be included.

Here is the table of contents, lifted from Alison’s blog. Visit her site for links to each of the authors.

Commuter Training by Teresa Noelle Roberts
Small Mercies by Rita Winchester
The Naughty Chair by Donna George Storey
Eleven O’clock Deadline by Thomas S. Roche
Prey by Madeline Elayne
In Charge by ADR Forte
Too Strong to Break by Sophia Valenti
Filthy Rich by Shanna Germain
Life Drawing by Vida Bailey
Cute Boy Gets Squeezed by D.L. King
On the Rocks by Heidi Champa
Golf Spelled Backwards by Andrea Dale
Eye Contact by Derek McDaniel
Double Dutch by Giselle Renarde
Senseless by Stella Harris
Just Desserts by Kiki DeLovely
Balancing the Books by Lucy Felthouse
Meltdown by Jax Baynard
You Say This is a Testament by Maria See
River of Beauty by Sharon Wachsler
When My Boyfriend Has a Party by Devin Phillips
Butter the Bird by Sommer Marsden
The Bondage Pig by Kristina Lloyd
Curry, Extra Hot by N.T. Morley
Burned by Alison Tyler

Book release: The Boys Club

This one snuck up on me! The Boys Club, a Naughty Nights Press anthology, is now available!

In my contribution, Fanboys: Shane and Danny aren’t just fans, they’re super fans, and they want Eric Ashcroft to know it. Camping out where Eric Ashcroft is filming, the college boys wait for the perfect chance to meet him. And meet him they do – that’s when things take an unexpected turn.

Just between you and me, I’ll tell you that I even shocked myself a bit with this one. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it!

Buy The Boys Club now!