My business thrives best on word of mouth. I always appreciate referrals for students and private clients. If you have questions about whether you or someone you know would be a good fit to work with me, just ask. I offer free consultations, so feel free to share my information and the person you refer can always decide for themselves if we’re a good fit.

I’m working on a Pateron page that will launch soon – when it’s live, that will be a fantastic way for people to support me and my work.

I’m also an affiliate for several companies that I believe in. Following any of these links to shop will earn me a commission:

Crash Pad: Ethically made queer porn! What’s not to love? Crash Pad does a great job of empowering their performers to have the sex they want to have, in working conditions they’re comfortable with. So, not only is it hot as hell, but you can feel good about watching and supporting them.

SheBop: Our beloved local sex toy store! You may know that I teach for SheBop on a regular basis. They are wonderful people with a well curated selection of products.

Twisted Monk: Love rope? Twisted Monk has what you need to get started, including everything you need to play safe. They’ll even replace your rope if you have to cut your partner out for safety. My clients and students can even get a discount code.

Tantus: Tantus is another excellent company worth supporting. They make great products and support good causes, like our local Mystery Box Show. Use code Stella15 for a discount!

Good Vibrations One of the leaders in sex positive retail, Good Vibrations is an amazing company. Their wide selection includes something for everyone.

Thank you!

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