Bound to please (NSFW)

As you may have noticed, I’m a sucker for a good photo or illustration, even more so when it’s of my work. So I couldn’t resist throwing my hat in the ring when I saw one of my favorite fetish artists was having a contest. Coax Dreams selected my story as one of the winners and now I have this lovely illustration to show for it! Stella_Harris_inked_small

Bound to Please

Casey was both honored and terrified to be the centerpiece at the event. Although many of the attendees were her friends she knew that anonymity didn’t always bring out the best in people. She could hear muttering in the room as Ona finished tying her. Everyone had been promised something special but details had been kept under wraps.

Casey was bound on her knees with a piece of bamboo acting as a spreader bar. Her elbows were held behind her back with another length of bamboo and her hands in front of her body held a tray loaded with toys. She caught only a glimpse of what was on the tray before she was blindfolded.

The curtains parted and the response was immediate; gasps, giggles, and a smattering of applause. Ona explained the rules, “One person at a time will be allowed behind the curtain. You can use any of the tools provided. I’ll be timing everyone one minute, so work fast. And remember, no permanent damage!”

Hearing Ona explain what people could do made Casey shudder. She wished that she’d insisted on more limits. This had seemed like fun when she’d agreed but now the reality of her situation was sinking in.

Casey heard the curtains close and didn’t know if someone was inside with her until she felt the tray move. A toy had been chosen. Casey smelled the rose beneath her nose a moment before she felt the petals glide over her breasts. The light touch gave her goosebumps. Then she felt the thorns press into her skin, a light scratch at first followed by a piercing pain.

Time was called and the curtain moved again. The next person wasted no time getting started. Casey felt what must have been a feather gliding down her side and shrieked with laughter. Her whole body bucked and she feared she’d drop the tray, breaking the one rule she was held to. The audience listening outside laughed, too. If they were amused by what she was going through it would only encourage the next person to get a louder reaction.

The next time the curtain moved there was a long pause before she felt the tray shift. Were they choosing a tool or building anticipation? When Casey felt the sharp pain in her foot she screamed. As the sensation continued she got used to it and realized it was more shock than pain. A blade was being dragged along the bottom of her foot. She swayed on her bound knees and gasped.

Another person in and then a pinching sensation as harsh clamps were attached to her nipples. Casey whimpered and struggled against the rope. She felt the inadequate latex thong she wore slide against her wet cunt as she moved. She feared the next person into the room would see wet all down her thighs.

Minute after minute and sensation after sensation, Casey never knew what to expect. And there were at least a dozen people to go.

Book release and a new free story!

Exciting news abounds! The Big Book of Bondage is now available – find it at Amazon, Powell’s, or your favorite book seller.

I also have good news for all you folks who’ve been asking about samples of my work – one of my stories has been published on the Oysters and Chocolate website, and you can read it for free! Go read The Only Real Girl on the Internet now!

While I’ve got your attention – just a bit of housekeeping – you’ve got until the end of the month to send in your Missed Connections stories, so get cracking and finish up!


Fuck! Cherry Red.

I took part in a writing contest over on Alison Tyler’s blog. She’s amazing, you should check her out. I didn’t win, but I made a strong showing for second, so that makes me pretty happy.

The contest asked for 500 words of fucking. Here’s my entry;

Cherry Red.


Leni wasn’t sure if she said it out loud, or only thought it, when her back slammed into the wall and the air rushed out of her lungs. Three fingers, quickly becoming four, pressed into her almost without preamble.

She’d known the tattooed bartender would be a firecracker, but still hadn’t been prepared for this. Once the dam had broken after an evening of dancing around each other, once they finally began to touch, they’d unleashed something beyond of both of their control.

Leni didn’t even know her name. The bartender had told her, but it had been loud and Leni hadn’t caught what she’d said. She couldn’t ask now.

The bartender’s hair was so black it shone green in the light, like a beetle, and was cut with choppy bangs that framed her face. It was one of the first things Leni had noticed about her when she’d walked into the bar, that and her bright red fuck-me lipstick.

The lipstick that was being smeared into the skin of Leni’s throat as the bartender sucked and bit at her, as if to eat her alive. She found an especially sensitive spot beneath the bolt of her jaw and Leni moaned, a deep, resonating sound that filled the small space they were in. The bartender took that for the encouragement it was and pressed her narrow frame closer to Leni’s body, leaving barely enough room for her hand to work between them.

She slid her fingers in and out of Leni’s body more forcefully, jarring her with each thrust, and making her go weak in the knees when her thumb finally found Leni’s swollen clit and began to rub. Leni threw her arms around the other woman, hoping for little more than to hold on for the ride.

“So fucking hot,” the bartender whispered into her ear when she took a break from trying to devour Leni’s neck.

“Uughh,” Leni responded inelegantly, her whole body beginning to convulse as she was overwhelmed with waves of sensation. Leni dug her fingers into the bartender’s back, her thin white tank providing little protection against Leni’s nails. But Leni was far beyond caring about leaving marks. This woman was taking her apart from the inside out, finding all her buttons on the first try. No one had ever been confidant enough to be this rough with her, Leni was hooked and knew other lovers were going to fall short by comparison.

As Leni’s contractions subsided the bartender pulled her hand free and wiped it against her own jeans. Leni followed the bartender back into public area and watched as she took her station once again and immediately started making Leni another whiskey sour. She dropped a cherry into the drink and handed it to Leni, her fingers still glistening. Leni pulled the cherry out of the drink and popped it in her mouth, it tasted like her.