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Fanciful inspiration for Missed Connections


The deadline for Missed Connections is just about a month away - hopefully your stories are nearing completion! But in case you, like me, sometimes wait until the last minute to write a story, I thought I'd send some more inspiration your way. I saw this article yesterday and it really got the wheels in [Keep reading...]

Inspiration for Missed Connections


Tall and proud? Completely shaven man? What are these people all about? Clearly, there are stories to be told. Are you working on your story for Missed Connections yet? They're due on January 1st, but don't wait to get started! Still need more ideas? Check out your local missed connections ads or the ones from [Keep reading...]

Call for Submissions: Missed Connections


I'm thrilled to announce that I'm editing an anthology for Storm Moon Press. I've been working with them for most of the year and have been consistently impressed with how well they treat their authors. I've been kicking around the idea of a Missed Connections anthology for a while now and I'm very excited to [Keep reading...]

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