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Shame-Free Masturbation May

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It’s Masturbation May and masturbation advice and musings are all over my social media feed. It’s making me recall, with fondness, the time I masturbated to orgasm in front of an audience of around 50 people. It was for a class, and this time I was the demo bottom, not the teacher. My friend was [Keep reading...]

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Adding novelty keeps relationships hot and happy – it’s science!


Therapists, coaches, and books that focus on relationships have long said that adding novelty is one of the key ways to keep a relationship hot and happy. Now there's even more science backing that up. "Sexually successful couples’ [are] more likely to have experimented with sexual variety—from anal stimulation to acting out sexual fantasies to [Keep reading...]

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Show Yourself To Me

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One of the most popular topics I work on in classes and with private clients is communication skills. And a common question I'm asked by students and clients is how they can ask for what they want, when they don't know what they want. This leads us to work on finding fantasies and exploring desire [Keep reading...]

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Celebrating Bisexuality Day

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Today is Celebrate Bisexuality Day. As as I considered it’s approach, and watched Bisexual Awareness Week articles pass through my social media feeds, I realized I hadn’t told my whole story. You can hear parts of in my my Mystery Box Show story, and I’ve referenced bits and pieces elsewhere, but it deserves compiling in [Keep reading...]

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I’m Speaking at Catalyst Con West!

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Two years ago I attended my first Catalyst Con and it was an amazing experience. I met wonderful people like Tristan Taormino, Cunning Minx, Kate McCombs, JoEllen Notte, Epiphora, and more, and even got a writing gig at Kinkly - a job I’m still doing and loving. Those connections, and the things I learned in [Keep reading...]

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New Year, New Classes

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2014 was an amazing year, but rather than recap I'm eager to move forward and 2015 is already shaping up to be an incredible year full of classes and events. I have a full slate of classes for the first six months of the year plus a few special events planned. My 2015 classes are [Keep reading...]

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How I became a Sex Educator

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I became a sex educator out of necessity. At the age of 13 I had to teach my grandmother about female anatomy - specifically the hymen. I guess I should back up a little bit. I was raised by a very sex-positive librarian mother. No knowledge was forbidden. I grew up wandering the stacks of [Keep reading...]

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Spartacus goodies for Mapping the Vulva attendees!

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You may have seen on social media that Spartacus is sponsoring my upcoming class, Mapping the Vulva, by providing door prizes. Well, I went to pick up the prize packages today and I was absolutely blown away by how generous they are. Check it out: Aren't those amazing??? Here's how to win: Everyone who buys [Keep reading...]

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Lady Cave Spelunking; Or, The Search for the G-Spot Rages On

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Yet another study has been released telling women how they can, and should, find orgasms and sexual pleasure. And as usual the online commentary is immediate. The way science tells women they’re supposed to enjoy sex is as fickle as the way science tells us we’re supposed to have a healthy diet. And like the [Keep reading...]

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What is a munch?


I talk to a lot of people who are either new to the kink scene or are curious but not yet involved. The general wisdom, and common advice, given to newcomers is that they should attend a munch. This advice is sometimes questioned because a munch can be an intimidating first step, especially for people [Keep reading...]

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