Getting wet with Liberator products

I knew I wanted to talk about some of my favorite companies or products for a Valentine’s Day post… the question was, which ones? Well, then I had an experience that answered that question for me.

I’m not usually a huge squirter, but I had a date recently that left my comforter absolutely soaked. It wasn’t a wet spot, it was a wet bed. It was late, and I was tired, and I didn’t want to do laundry before going to sleep.

That’s when I realized that the Liberator Throe, that I’d been coveting for ages, finally had to come home with stella02-2me. And Liberator was gracious enough to send me one in my favorite color, along with the Wanda toy mount, and now I get to tell you all about both of them.

An occasional fun aspect about my job is inviting friends and lovers over to help me test out new toys. So when the Throe arrived, I knew exactly who to call: a friend of mine who is a prolific squirter.

After an hour or so of play, we’d really put the Throe through it’s paces. I already knew from a friend’s review that the satin side is a bit more absorbent, so that’s the side I had facing up. And you know what? My comforter and bedding were completely dry when we were done. No wet spot to sleep in!

The thing about the blanket being totally waterproof though, is that when faced with tons of liquid, the liquid puddles. So as we played the dent made by her tush in the blanket was also surrounded by about an inch of standing fluid. We had to make sure she sat up slowly, and that I folded the Throe in on itself from the edges, making something of a Throe burrito. We then had to towel her off.

A better solution next time would be to put down the Throe first, and then drop a towel on top of it for a bit of absorption. Of course, if your play isn’t quite as wet as ours was, you might be fine without.

IMG_2526(Not to be outdone, my cat wanted to get in on the testing action and spent the next day – after the blanket had been washed – sleeping on the Throe on my bed. He even puked on it, for a fair test. And you know what? The Throe saved my bed from that, too. Thanks, Liberator!)

Next up was the Wanda. I’ve been eying these toy mounts for a while, because finding a spare hand during sex can be tricky, and not all positions allow for it, but I really like adding a vibrator to the mix!

I tried the Wanda for both partnered and solo play. I used it with the friend that helped me test the Throe: she mounted the toy and rode it while we made out, and that was very hot and fun. Next up was another friend to help me test Wanda as an addition to penetrative sex. For that, she straddled the Wanda while I penetrated her with a strap-on from behind. We tried the Wanda facing both directions, and I tried both standing and kneeling behind her.

The winning combination for us was me kneeling behind her, while she had the larger end of the Wanda in frontstella02-1-2 of her, and the smaller end towards me. That also meant that instead of having the head of the Magic Wand pointing right at her, she could sneak up on it a little, and had more control over the intensity.

Overall, the Wanda was a huge hit, and led to orgasms for everyone. There was one silly thing, though. Every time I’d slide the Magic Wand into place, the switch would turn off because the lower intensity setting puts the switch in the “down” position. After much giggling and silliness, we solved this problem with a strip of purple duct tape. Someday I’ll get my hands on the cordless Magic Wand and that might solve the problem, because it has buttons instead of a switch.

I also really liked the Wanda for solo play. Generally, I’m pretty lazy when I masturbate. Just a couple minutes with some porn and the Magic Wand before bed so I can have a quick orgasm to help me sleep. It’s only on special occasions that I involve multiple toys or positions. And the Wanda is a perfect special occasion toy. Mounting it in the doggy style position really helped mimic more partnered play, because I wasn’t touching myself or holding the toy. Being upright also gave me more freedom to move against the toy. I’ll definitely be doing that again whenever I’m feeling extra frisky.

Liberator provided me with these products free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. I’m receiving no compensation for this post. This post contains affiliate links. Product photos featuring me were taken by Camrin Ray, cat photo by me 🙂

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