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Adventures in Vulva Cloning

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The "pussy cloning" party I recently hosted was not something I’d ever expected to do - but I’m so glad I did. It all started, like many things, with a twist of serendipity. I taught my class, Mapping the Vulva at SheBop a couple months ago, and a blogger from clone-a-willy was in the audience [Keep reading...]

Strap-on mega post

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If you know me at all, either in real life or on the internet, you probably know I'm a strap-on enthusiast. Not only is strap-on play a favorite in my personal repertoire, but it's something I teach a variety of classes on (more on that below.) So it wasn't a surprise when I got a [Keep reading...]

Fantastic review of Eye of the Beholder!


What a wonderful notification to see upon waking up - one of my contrubitions to Alison Tyler's Sudden Sex, Eye of the Beholder, was given a wonderful review by Jeremy Edwards. You can read the whole review here, but here's a tease; "What [the character] sees, described so concisely yet vividly by the author, will [Keep reading...]

Geeking out over BBoB and a great review


I couldn't help myself - I went to visit the Big Book of Bondage at Powell's books. It's not my first published work, but it is the first book to be stocked at Powell's. It was quite a thrill to see it on the shelves. I'm excited to be a part of this collection for [Keep reading...]

A couple good reviews


It's been an incredibly interesting experience watching reviews come in for my first published works. Kinda like waiting for your kid's first report card (I suppose - not actually having children myself.) I wanted to share a couple of recent reviews that made me smile. First, for Blindside from the Like it or Not anthology [Keep reading...]

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