I offer coaching to individuals, couples, and poly groups on the topics of dating, relationships, sex, and intimacy. Coaching is an empowering process that helps you build the confidence and skills to meet your goals. Coaching is available in person if you’re in the Portland area, and by phone or skype no matter where you are.

What is sex coaching? According to Patti Britton, a pioneer in the field:

Sex coaching is a mix of these elements: Personalized sexuality information and education, redirective cognitive processes and mental reframing, emotional balancing, intuitive guidance, behavioral training, and resources and referrals.

Do you want new ways to communicate your desires to your partner? Do you want more pleasure or better sex? A private coaching session might be for you. Sessions are available for individuals, couples, or other relationship configurations.

A coaching session with your partner is a wonderful opportunity to learn new ways to communicate, and new ways to touch. These sessions may be entirely talk based or may include time for you and your partner to practice what you’re learning.

Talk based sessions can include topics such as exploring new relationship styles (like non-monogamy or kink) or may explore sexual issues such as mismatched desire. I can show you ways to communicate gently and clearly, so that both parties feel heard and understood.

Touch based sessions sessions typically take place in your own space (though my space is available,) so that you are as comfortable as possible. I act as a guide and an educator as you and your partner explore new ways to touch each other. These sessions can be profoundly transformative. Here’s what one couple had to say about their sex coaching session:

Working with Stella has been life changing. Her coaching on touch and female pleasure provided information and skills that have been empowering and a source of confidence for both of us. Stella’s warm personality, enthusiasm for her work, and depth of knowledge quickly put us at ease. She was able to guide us through a previous sticking point in our communication with each other. The entire experience was joyful and rewarding, and brought us closer together as a couple.

Rates. My rate for coaching is $100 an hour and there are several options for coaching packages available. When you get in touch we can work out the session or package of sessions that’s right for you.

Interested? Contact me and we can get started planning a session just for you.

Disclaimers: I am not a medical professional or a therapist. Although these sessions can be very intimate, my clothes stay on at all times, I do not touch clients, and clients do not touch me.

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